The Damage Of Ignorance

I mean the rumor that the SAT will integrate all income.

Recently a hyperactive senator of our state, who uses social networks with great skill and who has the support of some media, issued a warning that seems not to be true because, according to expert information, the Ministry of Finance is not prepared, nor the banking system, for the integration of all income, including credit cards.

That news has gone viral, as many people have read and commented on social networks, generating a loud rumor, which is more dangerous than lies, because it confuses and causes uncertainty, which is the most terrible of human attitudes, because the "yes" generates joy; the "no" generates sadness, but the ability to repair damage; while the "who knows" is a terrible psychosocial aggression.


It is worth this communication in this Christmas season, to leave people in peace and tranquility, especially the middle class, because there is no reason to scare when there is still no definition.

DESCARTES: I think, then I exist … Congratulations to all and have a peaceful Christmas. The rumor is not the truth.

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