The Day Christian Nodal Was Rejected For “being Emo”

Christian Nodal dressed in Emo style in 2019 and his fans were unable to recognize him (Photo: Instagram / @ nodal)

Currently this Mexican regional singer is one of the most popular and listened to in Mexico, the song Botella tras Botella, in which he collaborated with Gera MX, quickly reached 45 million views on April 27 just a few hours after its premiere. .

Recently Christian Nodal took the first step to consolidate his marriage with Belinda as he gave her a luxurious engagement ring, so the couple is constantly under the eyes of their fans and the world of entertainment; However, in 2019 this young singer characterized himself with the clothing of the urban emo tribe and confused more than one of his fans.


When Bandamax published this joke on YouTube, Nodal was just 20 years old, at the beginning of the video the singer is disguising himself in a van, his makeup artists paint his pale face as well as thick eyeliner, he puts on a wig with the typical straight cut that covers part of the eyes and wears a long black raincoat as well as heavy patent leather boots.

This was the joke Nodal played (Video: YouTube / Bandamax)

Later he goes out on the streets where apparently no one recognizes him, Nodal rose to fame in 2016 for his success Adiós Amor, so by that time he was already three years old with his songs playing on the radio and on the internet.

In a public square, his production team was announcing a fun dynamic in which Nodal fans had to go on to interpret one of his songs, whoever had the most similar voice and performed the song in the best way, would win tickets to his concert.

On the other hand, while a couple of young people sing on stage; Nodal, characterized as emo, tried to capture the attention of the girls who were at the event, he began by asking how he could participate, although the young man did not make any attempt to modulate his voice, the fans did not recognize him and even ignored him for his clothing.

Christian Nodal was rejected by his fans, who did not recognize him (Photo: screenshot Youtube / Bandamax)

“If I win, do you go with me?” and “If I win the tickets, will you come with me to the concert?” were the phrases that Nodal repeated to several young people on his way to the stage, the girls showed faces of indifference and disbelief for their clothing, since the musical genres that emo teenagers listen to are definitely not oriented towards the Mexican regional.

When the disguised young man came to the stage and began to sing, the audience went crazy, still incredulous, because they were not sure if he was an excellent imitator or the true Christian Nodal in a peculiar dress; so many of the people present began to record it.

As soon as the song ends, the conductor of the fun dynamic introduces him as Christian Nodal, so the group of people began to shout with enthusiasm while the singer performed Goodbye Love, the theme with which he became known.

Nodal singing in his emo outfit (Photo: YouTube / Bandamax screenshot)

In the comments of the video that is two years old, people ironized the situation in messages such as “Moral: never reject an emo, it could be Christian Nodal.”, “This should be a chapter of exposing interested JAJAJJA”, “I imagine how it was that the faces of shame fell to the girls who rejected him “and” I have never seen such a social and participatory emo hahaha.

On the other hand, this joke was part of the episode where the young singer’s parents talk about his artistic career, Silvia Cristina Nodal expressed being proud of her son, who demonstrated his taste for music since he was a child, also revealed that in his adolescence, he had A time when he was composing rap, she nonetheless invited him to produce genres “that would make people happy.”


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