The Day José Eduardo Came Out In Defense Of Alessandra After ” Scolding ” By Derbez

Eugenio Derbez’s youngest son revealed the embarrassing situation he lived with the couple

A few weeks after Alessandra Rosaldo and Eugenio Derbez celebrate their 14 years of relationship, José Eduardo Derbez revealed that not everything has been honey flakes.


During the talk he had with the member of Opposite Senses For his YouTube channel, the son of Eugenio Derbez recalled the uncomfortable moment he lived with the couple, when his f ather tried to control the way Alessandra handled the car.

“There was a moment when Alessandra said to him ‘Yaaaa, leave me alone!’ With an unrealistic cry (very loud), a style cry that even the little birds came out of the trees. And my dad stopped, he left and the worst thing is that my dad says to me ‘Go ahead’, [yo] I pass in front, and my dad starts the same: ‘No, to the left, not to the right’, and I say to him, ‘No, no, mom * s, as Alessandra is not going to yell at you that way if you are screwed *, fuck * and fuck * ‘”.

Then, Rosaldo added: “Exactly, and that same day was the day your dad broke his face.” To which José Eduardo recounted: “That we told him ‘Don’t go down there’, (and he said) ‘No, yes, I do because you can’t.’ He goes down a rocky slope and it happened, but he had dirt on his teeth, he had a disfigured face, I got him a doctor, even the doctor was fine, he was at a party. ” And Alessandra finished: “Oh yes, of course, because it was the end of the year!”

Although Eugenio and Alessandra They have revealed on different occasions that their relationship is not perfect, over the years their marriage has become the most solid of the artistic medium, which they consolidated with the birth of their daughter Aitana.

In the same interview, José Eduardo said that his mother was a fan of Opposite Senses, to which Alessandra replied “Really ?, swear to me, what beauty”.