The Deficit Of The Generalitat Grew 7.7 In 2018, After 3 Years Of Reduction

Valencia, Dec 30 (EFE) .- The Generalitat closed the 2018 fiscal year with an increase in the deficit to 2,187 million (7.7% more than the previous year), thereby reversing the positive trend of reducing the deficit of the previous three years, mainly because there has been an increase in spending.

This is reflected in the Audit Report of the General Account of the Generalitat of 2018, which has delivered this Monday the Comptes trustee, Vicent Cucarella, to Les Corts Valencianes in QR format, after which he plans to meet with the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig.

The Sindicatura has not detected evidence of accounting responsibility in the autonomous accounts, although it rejects, from a budgetary point of view, the inclusion of the 1,325 million euros of claims linked to the change of the autonomous financing model because it is fictitious income.


Cucarella has said he understands that the Consell has included this item, but has pointed out that as long as "there is no forecast that an additional item is going to enter," he cannot accept that it appears in the Budget, since we must ensure that "it is respected" that budgeting be realistic. "

"We know why it appears and we understand it, but from the budgetary point of view we cannot accept a game that is fictitious," said the syndic, whose report warns again of the negative consequences that the financing system has on the Community.

Regarding the increase in the deficit, he pointed out that it is something that should be avoided but he stressed that the growth is due to the fact that the per capita expenditure of the Community, which until now has been "very moderate", has increased in 2018 to stand around the average of the rest of autonomies.

The report also reflects that the Generalitat closed 2018 with negative own funds of 30,096.6 million euros and that the financial debt rose to 46,782.6 million, although indebtedness, as a percentage, of GDP has been reduced for the second consecutive year .

The document also indicates that in the contracts of the sanitary concessions (health departments of Alzira, Torrevieja, Dénia, L´Horta Manises and Elx-Crevillent) there are still 38 annual settlements pending approval or being processed.

It also insists that there are still difficulties in reasonably estimating the obligations to be recognized by the Generalitat for the aid that the Administration owes in matters of the Housing Plan.

The Sindicatura emphasizes that in view of the large number of judicial proceedings in progress from which responsibilities could be derived from the Generalitat, there is a defect in the provision for coverage of more than 75 million euros.

It also indicates that the expenses incurred without budgetary coverage (account 409) violate the provisions of the regulations, although there is the possibility of validating the obligations of previous years through the express authorization of the Consell.

In this regard, in the year 2018, 384 compensation files for unfair enrichment were processed for a total amount of 1,422.4 million euros.

In terms of contracting, some problem has been detected with the mathematical formula used to determine the economic offer in the award of public contracts, since the scoring range is "excessively opened", which reduces the importance to the aspect economic.

However, the trustee has pointed out that despite this issue, most contracts have been awarded to the most advantageous economic offer.

It has also been detected that in some files processed as a matter of urgency or emergency, it would not have been necessary to reach that extreme if there had been more adequate planning.

The Sindicatura de Comptes has also followed up reports from previous years, where it has detected that many of the recommendations have been fulfilled or are being tried, since some cost years to resolve, although there are also some in which it has had to return to influence. EFE

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