The Difficulties Katy Perry Faces During Her Pregnancy

The singer acknowledged that her first pregnancy is becoming a little more complicated for her than expected due to movement restrictions linked to the coronavirus crisis.

Katy Perry she has insisted throughout her last public appearances that she is going through a gestation process, the first for her, relatively calm and of course very exciting, since it will lead her to debut in maternity this summer with her future husband Orlando Bloom.


However, during his appearance this Wednesday on the morning show Good morning america, the pop star openly recognized that, as with many other pregnant women, satisfying their most sudden cravings is not exactly easy or advisable as a result of the movement restrictions linked to the coronavirus crisis, and all this despite the constant attentions that his fiancé dedicates to him.

“Obviously, you can’t go straight to the store when you feel like something anymore. It’s like, ‘Do you really need that watermelon, do you really need that orange or that pickle? Do you really want to risk your life for a pickle?'” , has expressed the need to limit exits to the street as much as possible and stay as long as possible at home.

In any case, the Californian artist feels very “grateful” for all the good she has in her day-to-day life, which obviously is a lot, and she tries to analyze the future with great optimism given the positive changes that await her. a few months from now in regards to his family life with the British actor. “Things are going very well as far as it goes, I feel very grateful for everything I have and I take things step by step,” she explained in her video call interview.