The Disastrous Look That Still Haunts Robert Pattinson

We have all made a mistake in terms of look and the actor still does not forgive the outfit he used to attend the premiere of one of the Harry Potter movies

Nowadays Robert Pattinson He is one of the most daring in any red carpet and you can always trust him to give a spin to the usually boring label of the most formal events betting on designs such as the tuxedo with shorts that he wore a couple of years ago at the Festival of New York Cinema.


However, before the Dior Homme firm, of which he has been an image since 2012 or his creative director, crossed his path Kim Jones, the actor of the saga Twilight He made one or another slip that torments him until today.

In his humble opinion, in the list of the most disastrous attires with which he has shown in public, he continues to occupy the place of honor which he put in 2005 to attend the premiere of the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in London.

“He was wearing leather pants with cowboy boots and a sack of red velvet. He looked literally like a child who had opened a costume box and had chosen the first thing he found,” he confessed. Robert Pattinson

in a recent interview for the British edition of GQ .

Indeed, the interpreter -which had not yet done with the role of Edward Cullen that would make him a star and a sex-symbol- that night chose questionable low-waisted pants that he considered appropriate to combine with an almost open white shirt to the height of the navel.

In reality, his stylistic approach is nothing of the other world and in his day to day he usually chooses hoodies, sunglasses and hats that help him to go unnoticed, a custom that drags from the time when paparazzi they chased him everywhere.

“If I had to choose my clothes alone, I don’t think I would have ever opted for the direction Dior has taken me or people like Kim Jones. It would never have occurred to me to wear silk, satin fabrics or chiffon,” he admitted. Robert Pattinson then recognize that any success in fashion matters is the merit of the professionals who advise you.