The Doctor Will Prescribe The Use Of Weapons To People With Hiv Or Diabetes

The Doctor Will Prescribe The Use Of Weapons To People With HIV Or Diabetes

The Council of Ministers has eliminated the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and diabetes as generic causes of medical exclusions for having and using weapons and for providing private security services, and they will only operate as an impediment to exercising these functions if so determined an individualized medical report. This is indicated by the references of the last Council of Ministers this Tuesday.

The Council of Ministers of November 30, 2018 already agreed to update the calls for selective tests of civil servant, statutory and labor, civil and military personnel, in order to eliminate certain medical causes of exclusion in access to public employment, including HIV and diabetes.

“The catalog of medical causes of exclusion in access to public employment is updated, which still operated in certain areas, such as those referring to the State security forces and bodies, the armed forces, customs surveillance bodies and those of penitentiary institutions Specifically, the agreement proposes eliminate HIV, diabetes, celiac disease and psoriasis from the generic causes of enforceable medical exclusions for access to public employment and, consequently, promote the modification, by the competent ministerial departments, of those regulations that contemplate these and other diseases as a cause of exclusion from public employment”, ensure the references collected in the Council in November 2018.


It was announced that the measure would apply to all calls (official, statutory and labor, civil and military personnel) that are called “after the date of adoption of this agreement and, in any case, from those derived from the public employment offer of the year 2020, adapting them to the current scientific evidence and always evaluating the clinical situation of the applicant and not only his diagnosis”, they specify.

As a consequence of all this, and to assimilate the regime of medical exclusions for the use of weapons by private security personnel to that applicable to the Security Forces and Bodies and the Armed Forces, the royal decree approved amends 2487/1998, of November 20, which regulates the accreditation of the psychophysical aptitude necessary to have and use weapons and to provide private security services.

After this reform, the impediment to carrying out armed private security functions for HIV carriers or those with diabetes disappears, who can only be excluded from these functions based on the individual report issued in each case by the corresponding medical service.

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