The Dominican Upper Class Makes An Unusual Pan Against The Suspension Of Elections

Residents in middle and upper class areas of the Dominican capital staged on Friday a pan in protest against the suspension of the municipal elections on Sunday, after problems in automated voting, which was first used in the country.This form of protest , which was repeated on Friday night to Saturday by sectors such as Naco, Piantini, Evaristo Morales, Bella Vista and Ensanche Quisqueya, among others, is not usual in the Dominican Republic. The cacerolazo was summoned through social networks in a quiet, well-off and safe area. This protest was joined by thousands of people in front of the headquarters of the Dominican Central Electoral Board (JCE) for six days, to demand the resignation of its members and show its rejection to the Government of the country. “It is for those who go” or “the united people will never be defeated” are some of the most repeated slogans by the protesters, mostly young, in front of the dozens of police officers who guard the offices of the agency. A group of 14 opposition parties will hold a march this Sunday, which will conclude in front of the JCE, to demand that the agency explain to the population the reasons that prevented holding the elections, to which 7.4 million Dominicans were summoned. This Friday, the Organization of American States (OAS) accepted the requests of the Central Electoral Board and the Dominican Government to conduct an investigation that determines the causes that caused the collapse of the suspended elections, which will be held on March 15 The General Secretariat of the regional organization will perform an audit of the automated voting system “complete and binding around its results”, with the same standards of technical quality and professional rigor, “as happened recently in Bolivia, in order to delimit responsibilities “.