The Double Of Ester Expósito That Is Causing a Sensation In The Network

In social networks, the identity of the young woman, who is also Spanish, began to go viral, but apparently she does not like being compared with the actress.

The actress Ester Expósito has achieved great popularity internationally thanks to his interpretation of Carla in the series Elite of Netflix, to the extent that their followers closely follow every detail of their day to day through their social networks.


Precisely the fans of the Spanish were in charge of finding “her double”, she is an Instagram influencer, who is very similar physically to the famous actress.

In social networks, the identity of Sofia Canseco, who according to several netizens could be the “twin sister” of Ester ExpósitoThey both have blonde hair and colored eyes, and they both enjoy sharing videos on TikTok.

Sofia Canseco will be 18 years old, while Ester Expósito It has 20. As a similar feature, they are both Spanish. Currently, the young woman has more than 80,000 followers on TikTok.

“I thought it was Esther”; “Goe looks like a bullshit to Ester Expósito”; “Just as beautiful as Esther”; They look like twins! “;” Are they twins? “;” Couldn’t it be her sister? “,” You are identical to Esther but you are prettier “, it can be read among the comments that flood her publications.

However, the young woman does not seem so happy with the comparison, as she has shown it to her followers. On one occasion, someone asked her if it was annoying to be compared to the star of Elite and that’s how he replied: “The truth is, quite a lot.”

In another of her publications, one of her followers commented that her gestures were very similar to those of Ester Expósito, to which the ‘tiktoker’ replied: “I am not trying to do anything, haha, my face expressions are like this”, wrote.