The Econtacto Group For Venezuela Rejects The Unilateral Election Of The Electoral Body

Senior officials of the International Contact Group for Venezuela rejected the election of a new National Electoral Council (CNE) by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) in this country, and warned that it damages the possibility of reaching a consensus for democratic elections .


“The recent decisions of the Supreme Court for the unilateral appointment of members of a National Electoral Council that is neither balanced nor independent (…) damages the possibility of a consensual electoral route and democratic elections,” said the Group officials after meet last night.

In a statement transmitted by the European External Action Service, the Group referred in the same terms to the replacement of the board of directors of some opposition parties, the case of Democratic Action (AD).

“A sustainable solution to the deep crisis in Venezuela must include free, transparent, credible and fair legislative and presidential elections,” recalled the Group, which urged the Nicolás Maduro regime to “stop unilateral actions.”

The statement calls on both sides to “engage in meaningful and inclusive negotiations” that can lead to a “democratic path to emerge from the crisis.”

“Violence, including any military incursion into the country, cannot be an option,” the officials insisted.

By videoconference, the Contact Group expressed its concern at the “increasingly worse political crisis”, the “narrowing of the democratic space”, the deterioration of respect for human rights and the worsening of the humanitarian and migratory crises due to the emergency of the coronavirus.

The International Contact Group “will continue to support diplomatic efforts” so that “neutral and independent” humanitarian organizations can access the country to provide aid to the population in need.



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