The EH Bildu Spokesperson In The Basque Parliament Tells That She Suffered Abuse At The Age Of Seven: "My Hands Are Still Shaking"

The EH Bildu spokesperson in the Basque Parliament and head of the opposition in Euskadi, Maddalen Iriarte, has related in an article in ‘El Diario Vasco’ that she suffered abuse in some colonies when she was seven years old. “My hands are still shaking […]. What pain, what anger, what helplessness “, states the policy, which ensures that I could” vomit “when remembering that episode.” I fear with dread waking up from this dream and being that seven-year-old girl glued to the wall, “he adds.

“Let’s not think that it happens to others, in other places. It happens to all of us. It happens to a great extent in the impunity of privacy or not too far away. It happens everywhere. And it is a big problem for everyone. And for everyone. Because we are also daughters, mothers, grandmothers, friends, couples, … So let’s get started! Starting from the supposedly funny joke to everything else “, writes Iriarte.


And he reflects: “Equality is not going to happen to us. A day will not come while we break our backs waiting for the moment. We will fight equality and equality must be implemented from the State that we do not have in Euskal Herria, involving women, to feminism, with all “.

These days at the end of November, in which both the day against violence against women and against child abuse are commemorated, another active Basque politician such as the socialist Ernesto Gasco, for years a leader in Gipuzkoa and now a senior position in the Government of Pedro Sánchez, has also reported the abuses he suffered at school.



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