The Elected President Of Uruguay Invites Felipe VI To Thank Him For His Presence

The elected president of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, thanked the King of Spain, Felipe VI, on Saturday for his visit to Montevideo to be present at the presidential relay ceremony and held a meeting with other representatives of both countries. Sunday he will take office, he invited the king to his private residence in the urbanization Los Altos de La Tahona, on the outskirts of the Uruguayan capital. Before sharing a lunch in that residence, he received him in a leisure center of this urbanization and they held a meeting with other representatives of both countries. The king was accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, and Lacalle, who will be his Foreign Minister, Ernesto Talvi. The arrival of the king, the Uruguayan president-elect told reporters that the presence of the monarch in his inauguration is very supportive for him. He added that relations between Spain and Uruguay are very good, recalled that many of the Uruguayans have Spanish roots and commented that he has already agreed with the king on several occasions, the first one in 1990 in Madrid and then several times in Uruguay and in the Spanish city of Palma in 1994. Felipe VI will be the only foreign head of state that Lacalle invites to meet him before his inauguration this Sunday, a gesture to personally thank his presence at the ceremony of presidential relief. Lacalle told reporters that he invited him to lunch “because Uruguayan meat is the richest in the world. And the wines too, “he added. Specifically, he advanced that he would entertain the Spanish head of state with a menu consisting of choricitos, entrails, a rack of ribs and a roast of strip, and dessert, which he did not specify , was prepared by a friend of his.The president-elect stressed that he has many challenges ahead and invited to listen to his words in his inauguration to specify what his priorities will be.Numerous neighbors of the urbanization gathered in the leisure center in the that the meeting took place to receive their protagonists and cheer for them. The pre-lunch meeting between the king and Lacalle lasted almost half an hour, and, at the end, both greeted the people who were still waiting for them before moving to the president’s residence elected They did it in a vehicle he drove who will become president of Uruguay tomorrow and with the king in the passenger seat.