The Election Of The President Of The Republic Begins Without Agreement In Italy

The election of the President of the Republic begins without agreement in Italy

The Italian parliamentarians begin this Monday to vote for Sergio Mattarella’s successor as President of the Republic, which will be a battle that may have repercussions on the Government and to which the political forces arrive without agreements, so it is expected that the white ballot dominate at least during the first three days.

After the withdrawal of Silvio Berlusconi who had declared himself as a candidate, something unprecedented in the election of the head of state, the 629 deputies, 321 senators and 58 regional delegates summoned will almost certainly vote blank this Monday due to the lack of indications by their parties and in the first four votes when three quarters of Parliament are needed to elect the head of state.


Therefore, during the morning of this Monday, the meetings will continue in search of a name that can bring together consensus but in silence so as not to “burn” the possible candidate and only on Thursday, when the “quorum” will be reduced to the absolute majority, the formations will reveal their cards.

At the moment the progressive bloc formed by the Democratic Party (PD), the transverse Five Star Movement (M5S) and Free and Equal (LeU) moves together and their respective exponents, Enrico Letta, Giuseppe Conte and Roberto Speranza, They met again this Sunday in Rome to continue looking for a candidate. And they advanced that in the next few hours they will try to promote a negotiating table with the rest of the groups in search of an agreed name.

One of the bets of the progressives, according to the media, is the founder of the Catholic Community of Sant’Egidio, Andrea Riccardi, whose organization since 1968 is an emblem of integration, of welcoming refugees and of mediation in numerous wars.

But even so, they would not have the necessary votes and would need to convince Matteo Renzi’s Italia Viva, whose parliamentarians have become the hinge in this election for both the right and the left.

For its part, the right-wing bloc claims the “right” to take their ideas into account first, supported, they allege, by the fact that they control more seats in Parliament, although Letta has already rejected that they will support any candidate who comes from this area.

For the moment, although the current prime minister, Mario Draghi, seems the best candidate to occupy the Quirinale, seat of the Presidency, no formation has officially proposed his name, since his election would mean a government crisis if no other person is found of consensus and would lead to early elections.

It remains to be seen whether the far-right Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini obey Berlusconi’s last wish: to keep the economist Mario Draghi at the head of the government.

Voting will be held in Montecitorio, the seat of the Chamber of Deputies, and due to the pandemic, the protocol has been modified to avoid sources of contagion. There will only be one vote a day, the 1,008 voters will enter in groups of 50 and in alphabetical order and the voting booths have been changed to guarantee their ventilation.

In addition, the Government has approved a decree to allow infected deputies and senators to break their isolation and travel to Rome, speaking from the car in the Parliament parking lot.



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