The Emotional Image With Which Iker Casillas Congratulated Sara Carbonero For Her Birthday

The couple formed by Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero has been slowly recovering normality in their Portuguese life after a year frankly hard for both, marked by the tumor in the ovary that was removed last May to the presenter, which was He was followed by a chemotherapy treatment already overcome, and by the myocardial infarction that still keeps the athlete away from the playing fields.Good test of the optimism with which both now face a rather more peaceful stage of the previous one, although The future professional of the Porto goalkeeper remains a mystery and, of course, will depend on his next medical tests, resides in the touching photo that Iker published this Monday to congratulate Sara on her 36th birthday: an image that perfectly reflects the mutual support that the two lovers have not stopped giving. “And we see how the 30 and some more arrive !! @saracarbonero !! #felicidades #parabens #happybirthday”, says the bre he sees but emotional message that the Madrid has added to his snapshot, which now accumulates almost 200,000 likes on Instagram and endless flattering comments for both the journalist and the beautiful couple he makes with his boy. from the positive energy that the marriage gives off comes from the joys that his two offspring, Martin and Lucas, the real engine of their lives and the main source from which emanates the determination with which they have always faced setbacks. “Suddenly the most everyday and banal things in the world have ceased to be unique and magical moments, many problems have gone suddenly. I feel my people closer than ever and I am laughing, I think as I had never done before. Because life is like that, a constant change, a precious but poisoned gift, “the reporter reflected during her most difficult months.