The Emotional Performance Of Demi Lovato At The Grammy 2020

On Sunday, January 26, the 62nd Grammy Edition was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The most important music awards were starred by Billie Eilish, the winner of the night with five statuettes; Rosalía, the first Spanish artist to be made with a recognition from the Academy; or Lizzo, who took three gramophones. Apart from the awards, the performances also had a great weight on the evening, especially that of Demi Lovato, whose nerves played a trick on him. Demi Lovato acts at the Grammy 2020. (Photo: John Shearer / Getty Images ) More The former Disney girl took advantage of such a marked date to reappear publicly after her health problems. In July 2018, the artist was hospitalized for an overdose, days after closing her ‘Tell Me You Love Me World Tour’ tour. For his return to the stage, Lovato presented ‘Anyone’, a song he recorded a few days before the sad event, and since the beginning of his song the 27-year-old girl was visibly excited, to the point that she had to start over his performance, raising public applause. Finally he managed to finish the emotional interpretation, although the protagonist could not help but burst into tears while singing. Demi Lovato presents her theme ‘Anyone’ to the world PURE EMOTION. #GRAMMYs“The story of @ddlovato It shows us that the stars are also human and that stardom also has a dark face. She has managed to recover repeatedly from adversity. ” @Ajpaniagua– Movistar + (@MovistarPlus) January 27, 2020 “What an amazing night. My first time on stage in almost two years. Very emotional for me. Thank you all for the love, support and for sharing this moment with me. I love you all, ”Lovato shared after the ceremony on Instagram, a social network in which he has exceeded 76 million followers. The singer revealed the title of her new work in an interview with Apple Music. In that talk he revealed the date on which he had written the subject and, although he had not yet suffered the overdose, he later realized that the letter was “a cry for help.” “I think I was recording it in a state of mind where I felt it was fine, but clearly it wasn’t,” he confessed. “It is taking me a while to be able to go so far as to perform a song so vulnerable to me. a stage, in front of all my colleagues by profession and even people that I admire. That is something that destroys my nerves but at the same time I am grateful to have this opportunity, ”he said in the interview, predicting his reaction during the 2020 Grammy. star gave hints of his return for the first time last December, when he posted a cryptic message on Instagram. “The next time you hear about me, I’ll be singing,” he wrote next to a completely black image. In his successive publications he announced his performance in the Grammy as well as his next intervention on February 2 in the Super Bowl, where he will sing the national anthem. Taking advantage of his passage through the Grammy, Demi Lovato has released the recording of ‘Anyone’, a video with lyrics that on YouTube have already surpassed 467,000 views and 86,700 likes. “Confident in alcohol, I tried and tried and tried a little more. Secrets told until my voice hurt. Tired of the empty conversation because nobody listens to me anymore ”is just one of the heartbreaking verses that she sings. More stories that may interest you: