The Ertzaintza Sanctions 50 People Who Celebrated a Birthday Without Measures Against COVID-19 In a Local In Vitoria

“We are going to need a lot more patrols,” one of the agents who appeared on the afternoon-night of this Saturday told the police station by radio in a party room in the center of Vitoria in which the preventive protocols of COVID-19. Finally, on the edge of the closing time set for the hotel business, 8:00 p.m., the Ertzaintza has sent half a dozen units to the area, the section of San Antonio Street between Manuel Iradier and Florida. The line of police vehicles almost filled the entire street and some were crossing in the opposite direction.

What have they found? Throughout the afternoon a birthday has been celebrated with more than 50 attendees in which the sanitary measures established for this type of premises were not met. All of them have left there with a complaint for violating the limitations set in the state of alarm and in the specific regional regulations. Just this Friday the Police warned that it was no longer time for pedagogy and showed from a control established on the road their intention to be demanding in complying with the restrictions set in a context of rebound in coronavirus infections.




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