The EU, Without Hungary, Asks "a Real Political Solution As The Only Way To Achieve Peace" Between Israel And Palestine

“It is the worst moment since 2014,” said the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, at the end of an informal council of EU foreign ministers held by videoconference and urgently to respond to events in the Middle East. “I considered it necessary to convene this meeting because the situation is very bad, many states have taken a position and the response must be coordinated,” said Borrell, who has acknowledged that, of the 27, only Hungary, the country closest to the Government of Israel , has gone off the hook.

“The text recognizes that the priority is the cessation of violence and the application of a ceasefire to protect civilians and humanitarian access to the Gaza Strip”, has read Borrell: “The second is to consider that the violence has left a large number of dead civilians, women and children, and that is unacceptable. “


The statement also includes the condemnation of “Hamas attacks on the territory of Israel.” Likewise, the 26 ministers of the EU affirm: “We support Israel’s right to defend itself, but it must be done in a proportional manner and respecting international humanitarian law.” Israel is also called upon not to continue with the evictions and evictions of the population in the occupied territories.

“We support Israel’s right of defense, but also security for Palestine,” Borrell said: “A true political solution is required that can bring peace. We must restore a political horizon, exploring, improving the living conditions of the people. , and relaunch the peace process, which has been frozen for a long time. “

In this sense, the EU considers that “the Palestinian elections are a priority” and asks “everyone to facilitate the process”, and expresses its commitment to a peace process led by “the US administration and also the quartet. [Naciones Unidas, Rusia, Estados Unidos y la Unión Europea]”.

“I do not want to present to you what has happened as if everyone had the same general sense of the discussion,” Borrell acknowledged about the divisions in the EU on how to tackle the crisis: “There has been a country, the same one that made it difficult for there to be a agreement in the United Nations Security Council, which is Hungary, which has not supported the text. The general meaning of the discussion is that contained in these sections. It is difficult for me to understand how you cannot agree with them. ”

The head of European diplomacy wanted to emphasize that “one of the most novel things in these conclusions is to restore a political horizon. We insist on the idea that the status quo is not an option. Without peace, there is no security. In the past we have seen violence return many times, destroy Gaza, rebuild Gaza … We need a real political solution as the only way to achieve peace. We must rebuild peace. ”

“The international community has looked the other way, but the conflict does not resolve itself. For a solution we must commit ourselves to finding a solution, reviving the quartet and the EU. It is very important. I am happy that a majority has supported this approach.” Borrell has said.



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