The European Chamber Will Sue The European Commission For Not Suspending All Funds To Poland Due To Its Authoritarian Drift

The European Chamber will sue the European Commission for not suspending all funds to Poland due to its authoritarian drift

The European Commission has the Polish recovery funds in the fridge. Like the Hungarians. But that money is only part of what corresponds to Poland, a country that is placing itself outside the EU legal system due to its refusal to recognize the primacy of European law over national law. Poland has allocated 106,000 million euros from the budget of the European Union until 2027, between cohesion funds, common agricultural policy and those of the recovery fund. That is to say: 36,000 million of the recovery fund (23,900 in transfers and 12,100 in credits); 75,000 million in cohesion funds (in 7 years) and 31,200 million of the common agricultural policy (in 7 years), as Europa Press explains.

And this Tuesday the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, harshly warned the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, in the Strasbourg plenary session of the European Parliament: “We cannot and we will not tolerate that common values ​​are put at risk. The European Commission is going to act, we are going to bring the ruling of the Polish Constitutional Court to court, we have the mechanism of conditionality of funds and the rule of law, in addition to other financial mechanisms. In these coming years we are going to invest billions of euros with the Multiannual Financial Framework and the Next Generation EU, and we must protect the European budget. “


However, words are not accompanied by deeds quickly enough in the opinion of the European Parliament. Consequently, the president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli (PD / S & D), has asked this Wednesday the legal services of the European Parliament to prepare a lawsuit against the European Commission for the non-application of the conditionality regulation with an eye on Poland .

This regulation, adopted last December, allows the EU to suspend payments from the Community budget to Member States where the rule of law is threatened.

Sassoli’s letter to the legal services of the European Parliament comes after a vote in the legal affairs committee of the European Parliament on October 14 that recommended taking the case before the Court of Justice. Most of the leaders of the political groups in the Conference of Presidents this Wednesday have supported this action.

The letter makes it clear that the European Parliament will withdraw this judicial procedure if the Commission takes the necessary measures, which Von der Leyen herself has implied will happen.

Speaking after the meeting of the leaders of the political groups, Sassoli said: “EU Member States that violate the rule of law should not receive EU funds. Last year, Parliament fought with all its might by a mechanism that would guarantee it. However, so far the European Commission has been reluctant to use it. The European Union is a community built on the principles of democracy and the rule of law. If these are threatened in a member state , the EU must act to protect them. That is why I have asked our legal services to prepare a lawsuit against the Commission to ensure that EU rules are applied correctly. “



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