The European Commission Dissociates Itself From a Political Message About Scotland Projected On Its Facade On Brexit Night

The European Commission (EC) is not related to a political message projected on the facade of its headquarters in Brussels on the night from Friday to Saturday, in which you could see letters and symbols that underlined the mutual “love” between the Union Europe and Scotland, a spokesman for the institution confirmed on Saturday to Efe. “It was not us, sure,” said the community spokeswoman asked about that message, shared on Twitter by Scotland’s chief minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and by her husband and chief executive of the Scottish National Party (SPN), Peter Murrell. “The European Commission building in Brussels tonight (and if you look closely you will see that they seem to have left a light on for us!)” Sturgeon in reference to a light on in the famous building. Hours earlier, the Scottish leader had sent a letter to European leaders communicating their desire to return to the EU as an independent state and asking that they leave a light on by Scotland.The EU Commission building in Brussels tonight (and if you look carefully you ‘ll see that they do appear to have left a light on for us!) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️🇪🇺

– Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon) January 31, 2020The main minister of Scotland, where the permanence in the EU obtained 62% of support in the 2016 Brexit referendum, calls for a new plebiscite of independence from the United Kingdom, which the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has rejected fully claiming that the Scots voted in 2014 that they wanted to remain integrated in the same State. The community spokeswoman, who said she had not personally seen the projection circulating on social networks last night, said she would try to gather more information to clarify whether the projection was real and it is not a manipulated image and who is responsible.