The European Union Will Retaliate For Donald Trump's Tariff Decision

USA imposed taxes on the European Union for US $ 7.5 billion.

María Paula Aristizábal Bedoya – [email protected]

A new chapter opened yesterday between the US and the European Union, which fueled international trade tension again, and the cause of this was Donald Trump's decision to impose tariffs on European products amounting to US $ 7.5 billion.


The measure was only days before the World Trade Organization (WTO) approved Trump to impose tariffs. Airplanes, agricultural products, wines and whiskey are part of the products that were taxed with tariffs of 25%. Cecilia Malmstrom, European Commissioner of Commerce, warned that the measures taken by the President leave no other option for Europe than to retaliate, and would be the same tariff measures for US products. Among those affected would be Harley Davidson motorcycles and ‘bourbon’ whiskey.

“We regret the choice the United States has made to move forward with tariffs. This step leaves us no alternative but to continue in due course with our own tariffs, ”said Malmstrom.

The effects of the US measure They are high and this was pointed out by the Spanish Association of Industry and Trade Exporter of Olive Oil (Asoliva), which already considers the market in that country lost, as it is the most affected sector.

“Imposing tariffs on each other is not in the interest of anyone in the long term. It will inflict very significant damage, ”said Malmstrom.

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