The Failure Of Donald Trump To Give Candy For Halloween To a "Minion" In The White House

Three days after Halloween was celebrated in the United States, President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump received children and family members from the military at the White House in Washington.

For 40 minutes, the presidential couple lived with each of the children, who struggled to arrive in their best costume; Toy Story characters, princesses, dinosaurs, skulls and horror characters were the outfits chosen by the guests at the official residence.

But it caught the eye when a "Minion," the famous character in the movie My favorite villain, arrived before Trump and his wife carrying a small red bag to receive their candy. It was at that time that the president believed it would be better to leave a chocolate bar on the character's head.


The yellow and blue dress was part of the new trend of inflatable costumes, so the little boy behind the mask could not feel that his candy had been placed on his head; when he turned to go to his place, the chocolates fell.

Melania noticed that the candy fell and could not help laughing, as did those present. White House staff helped the candy reach the child's bag, so the situation did not deprive him of enjoying his "candy or treatment."

The moment went viral, provoked teasing, some memes, but also criticism of Trump. “But what did they think the bag was for? Nah, we better put it on his head. LOL #StableGenius and wife, ”wrote a Twitter user. Model Chrissy Teigen shared her opinion about it: “I really try to give the benefit of the doubt to this weirdo sometimes. I was like ‘oh, maybe he's not carrying a bag’ … But he did bring it! ”

Someone else wrote on the social network: "I love how Melania tries to normalize her idiocy by doing exactly the same pointless thing." Another user commented on Trump: “He has been so isolated and spoiled throughout his life that he has probably never given candy on Halloween. You literally have no idea how to behave like a normal person. Did you see him trying to drink from a bottle of water? Or close an umbrella?

However, others criticized Melania more, for doing the same as her husband. “I don't understand why his wife did it too. Was it okay maybe if they both did it? It wouldn't be a weird thing. ” Someone tried to justify it: “Just try to get their approval. He thought about giving him another candy in his bag, he almost did the right thing. ”

That was the only strange incident during the 40 minutes of living with the children. This is a tradition organized every year by the White House to celebrate Halloween with families of active military members of the US Army.

The presidents of that country have participated in similar events during Halloween since the 1950s, with the administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower.



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