The Far Right Torpedoes The Approval Of The Italian Law Against Homophobia

The far right torpedoes the approval of the Italian law against homophobia

The bill against homophobia and transphobia in Italy has been blocked this Wednesday in Parliament, in the last phase for its final approval, after an initiative of the far-right parties was unexpectedly successful. A motion has been imposed that prevents its examination, launched by the far-right parties Liga and Hermanos of Italy, when the processing of the text was resumed in the Senate, approved a year ago by the Chamber of Deputies.

The initiative succeeded by surprise – in theory the supporters of the law were in the majority – with 154 votes in favor of blocking the law and 131 against in a secret ballot, which in Italy usually gives the wayward the opportunity to vote against party discipline . “A political pact that wanted a step of civility for the country has been betrayed”, has denounced in his networks the deputy of the Democratic Party (PD), Alessandro Zan, promoter of the text. Although the Senate’s rejection does not permanently bury the text, it forces us to return to the starting box and delays its hypothetical approval.


The leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, has celebrated the “defeat of arrogance” of the secretary of the PD, Enrico Letta, and the Five Star Movement (M5S), by ensuring that these two parties – the first promoter of the law and the secondly, their support— they have rejected all the proposals for amendment and negotiation “including those made by the Holy Father, associations and many families.”

The project had been approved in November 2020 by the Chamber of Deputies and although it reached the Senate on July 13, it was paralyzed by the summer and the obstacles of the extreme right, which imposed thousands of amendments. The project establishes as a hate crime “discrimination and violence based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability”, as is already contemplated in cases of racism, for example.

Its possible approval generated the intervention of the Vatican, in what was considered an interference in national politics, because they feared that it would affect the Concordat with Italy since 1929. The State of Vatican City formally asked the Italian Government to review some aspects of this bill and, after knowing the news, they clarified that they did not intend to stop its processing.

One of the issues discussed is the concept of gender identity, collected as “a perceived and manifest definition of oneself in relation to gender, although it does not correspond to sex and regardless of whether the transition has been completed.”

The current Foreign Minister and one of the exponents of the M5S, Luigi Di Maio, has considered it “shameful” that the law has been “swept away in the secret of the ballot box.” And Letta called for hope against those who “have wanted to stop everything” and turn the country back: “The country is on the other side and it will soon be seen,” he challenged.

Another reading is merely political, because in this way the coalition that governed until February, the PD and the Five Stars, would no longer add an absolute majority. Currently Italy is governed by a coalition chaired by Mario Draghi, established in February to manage the pandemic, and which includes all parties except Brothers of Italy.



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