The FARC Asks Bachelet For International Assistance For The Murder Of Ex-combatants

The FARC party asked in a virtual meeting with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, international assistance to prevent a genocide of ex-combatants, of whom nearly 200 have been killed since the peace agreement was signed. in 2016.


“What is happening … in addition to the state rhetoric that denies the systematicity of the murders, is the systematic extermination of a national group without the State taking action. We want to avoid genocide, an extermination based on the discourse of the hatred, “said FARC President Rodrigo Londoño, known in his time as a guerrilla as” Timochenko “.

According to the Common Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC) party, which emerged from the demobilization of the guerrillas, since the peace agreement was signed, 198 people have been assassinated in the process of reincorporation.

“We ask him (Bachelet) to intervene in the face of the serious humanitarian crisis that the implementation of the final agreement is undergoing in Colombia,” said Victoria Sandino, senator of that movement that participated in the meeting.

In this sense, the party indicated in a statement that it requested accompaniment and monitoring from the office headed by the former Chilean president; that the situation be reported to the UN secretary general, António Guterres, and the visit to the country of special rapporteurs from the United Nations to make the situation visible.

The FARC assured that it also exposed “the various cases of assassinations, displacements, intimidation and disappearances that the ex-guerrillas who bet on peace have suffered,” as well as their families.

The most recent case occurred last weekend when unknown men murdered a man and two minors in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Ituango, in the department of Antioquia (northwest), one of them the son of a demobilized woman.

On December 31 of last year the UN warned that in 2019 at least 77 ex-guerrillas were killed in Colombia, and also denounced 14 disappearances and 29 attempted homicides.

Those assassinations led the agency to classify 2019 as “the most violent year” for the ex-FARC guerrillas who accepted the Colombian peace agreement.

On the other hand, a report from the Somos Defensores program published last week indicates that at least 47 social leaders or human rights defenders were assassinated in Colombia in the first quarter of 2020.



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