The federal secretary of justice would consider resigning for tweets from Donald Trump

The Federal Secretary Of Justice Would Consider Resigning For Tweets From Donald Trump

Justice Secretary William Barr has told his relatives he is considering resigning because President Donald Trump disregarded his recommendation to stop tweeting about Justice Department cases, an official told The Associated Press.

A few days ago, Barr criticized the president when he said in a television interview that Trump’s tweets about cases and Justice Department personnel “make him” unable to do his job. The next day, Trump ignored Barr’s request and insisted he has the “legitimate right” to intervene in criminal cases and circumvent the historical independence of the Department of Justice.

Trump tweeted on Tuesday that he considers suing those involved in the investigation into Russia by special prosecutor Robert Mueller and said his trusted man, Roger Stone, deserves a new trial after being convicted of witness tampering and obstruction.


Barr, secretary of Justice for the second time, tried to present himself as an independent incumbent who would not give in to political pressure. However, the Democrats have repeatedly accused him of acting more as a personal lawyer for the president than as a secretary of justice. Barr has proven to be a reliable ally of Trump and a defender of presidential authority.

In recent days, various Trump allies, including Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, have expressed their full confidence in the Secretary of Justice.

However, Trump has little tolerance for criticism, especially public criticism, of his allies and often responds to them in the same way.



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