The Festival That Will Boost Your Spiritual And Emotional Well-being

Bomthea is a festival focused on working spiritual well-being and emotional health. In this, his second edition comes stronger than ever with Bomthea Retreat (a space in a retreat format with talks and personalized workshops) that will take place on March 22. We assure you that this day will completely transform your way of feeling and seeing life.

Bomthea’s name is born from Plato’s conception of beauty. For Plato, it had more to do with goodness and with the interior than with the exterior. Bom is good in Portuguese and thea is the termination of the goddesses. Bomthea is our new goddess of beauty. To tell us more about this incredible project, we interviewed its founders Carol PĂ©rez and Paola PalazĂłn.


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«Bomthea arises from the need of women to talk about topics that are taboo such as anxiety, depression, sexuality, among others and that make us feel alone and in which we meet many girls who want to talk about it and who want Help others. That’s why we decided to create this platform, ”says Carol.

On the other hand, Paola Palazón added: “Our goal is to create these spaces where we all feel identified and be inspired by introspection, not aspiration; give tools so that those who participate, educate themselves on issues that help them, and can create their action plan so that they see that it is possible to change certain aspects of their lives for the better ”.

“We believe that in order to empower you, you must work very hard within yourself, you must seek your emotional well-being because everything depends on it.”

Carol PĂ©rez

We are very clear that today more than ever we must take care and work our emotional health, since many things depend on it, from our way of relating to others to how to feel good about ourselves and achieve those goals that we set for ourselves every day. We just need more projects like Bomthea in which we create a powerful community to make changes and transform from the inside out and therefore be able to change our environment.

Enjoy this experience and invite your friends to spend a unique and transformative day. When? March 22. Where? Zacatecas 120, col. Rome. Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Get your tickets here.