The First Plane To Evacuate Spaniards And Afghan Collaborators Flies To Kabul And a Third Medicalized Leaves For Dubai

The first plane for the evacuation of Spanish and Afghan citizens who have worked for Spain in Afghanistan has already left for Kabul, the country’s capital. In Dubai (United Arab Emirates) there is also a second A400M to participate in the same operation and, as explained by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, they will be joined by “a third medicalized aircraft of the Armed Forces” that has departed this tomorrow from Madrid to collaborate in the repatriation.

The Foreign and Defense Ministries have confirmed in a joint statement that the first A400M has departed from Al Minhad Air Base (Dubai) for the Afghan capital. As for the medicalized plane, it has taken off from the Torrejón de Ardoz air base. Defense sources have clarified to Europa Press that the participation of this medicalized apparatus is not due to the fact that there are sick or injured among the people to evacuate.


The situation at Kabul airport remains complicated with crowds of people crowding the gates. At least until this Tuesday, 12 of these Afghan collaborators were at home and not at the airport.

In the last hours several European countries, such as France, Italy or Germany, have completed evacuation flights for their citizens as well as for Afghans who worked for them in recent years, according to Europa Press.

The initial idea is that on the first flight the Spaniards who were still in Afghanistan – who would be six – can leave Kabul, as well as the Embassy staff and their families and all the Afghans who worked for the Spanish troops and aid workers in the last years that are possible, taking into account that the plane has a capacity of just over 100 seats.

Meanwhile, at least the outgoing ambassador, Gabriel Ferrán, would stay in Kabul, as well as part of the embassy’s security team to be able to continue evacuating the rest of the Afghans whom the government plans to bring to Spain.



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