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The First Surgery Was Successfully Carried Out At The Modular Relocatable Military Hospital

The main services it provides are: operating room, first aid, x-ray diagnosis, analysis laboratory, sterilization service, own power supply, water supply, kitchen, laundry room, oxygen generation, sanitary service and facilities. support.

On April 22, the 303 Modular Modular Military Hospital was located next to the González Catán Simply Evita Hospital to provide support and decompress the number of hospital beds. Thus, the hospital of the La Matanza party is specifically focused on patients with COVID-19. It has 20 beds, two operating rooms for minor and highly complex surgeries, and also has modules for common hospitalization, intensive therapy, an ultrasound and X-ray room, as well as a laboratory for clinical analysis.

“It is fulfilling a very important function because we are collaborating and contributing to improve the healthcare capacity of the health system in the La Matanza district and, in this way, we can collaborate to avoid the collapse of beds that many hospitals currently suffer from. This is a very important and significant action, ”Medical Lieutenant Colonel Marcelo Gabriel Rodríguez, medical director of the 303 Modular Military Hospital, tells Infobae.

This Tuesday the first surgery was performed at the 303 Relocatable Modular Military Hospital.

This Tuesday, the first surgery was performed and it was successful. “A foot toilet was performed on a diabetic patient with an infected ulcer. The patient was waiting in the hospital to be operated on and had no immediate surgical possibilities due to the great demand of the hospital, that is why we offered him our facilities to perform this intervention, “he explained about the surgery performed by the head of Traumatology at the Campo de Militar Hospital. Mayo, Major Medical Santín. “It was a successful surgery and the patient is progressing very well, so he will be discharged very soon.”

The support they offer means that patients with other pathologies or who are awaiting surgical interventions wait less time and spend fewer days in hospital.

How the military hospital works

The location of this hospital was made at the request of the authorities of the Simply Evita establishment and the Ministry of Defense of the Province, through the government of Buenos Aires.

This hospital fulfills the important task of expanding the hospital capacity of the Simply Evita hospital in González Catán through the task of hospitalization of NON COVID-19 patients, allowing the hospital to dedicate its effort to those affected by the pandemic.

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This mobile mobile surgical hospital can be located and placed at the point of the national territory where it is required. It moves in trucks and it is operated on them.

“It is made up of 13 modules that are divided into two areas: medical assistance and logistics. The medical area consists of four modules: intensive therapy or shock room and has two beds; The surgical module has two operating rooms to perform minor or major surgery because, clearly, it is designed to perform war, combat surgeries. It has a laboratory module where basic laboratory studies can be carried out on patients in catastrophic or pandemic situations as routine and a radiological module where we can do X-rays and ultrasounds ”, details the Medical Lieutenant Colonel.

All these modules are connected to an internment area. “It is made up of four military tents -as in the original project- where 28 patients can be admitted to military beds, which are narrow and low cots. But we adapted that hospitalization area and now there are 20 conventional beds (like the one in hospitals). Those 20 beds decompress the Simply Evita Hospital because, especially, we are offering to admit patients who need prolonged hospitalizations because they are waiting for a surgery, as in the case of the patient of the surgery this Tuesday. We can shorten surgical times by having operating rooms, ”he said.

The main services it provides are: operating room, first aid, x-ray diagnosis, analysis laboratory, sterilization service, own power supply, water supply, kitchen, laundry room, oxygen generation, sanitary service and facilities. support.

Since it was installed, this hospital provides permanent care with 24-hour guards. On the same premises, the Army installed a respiratory care post (a COVID-19 post) managed by the Argentine Army and also attended by health personnel from the Navy and the Air Force, and is coordinated by the Ministry of Defense of the Nation. .

“We received this hospital through a donation from the Chinese Government in February of this year and this is the first time it has been located for a mission. There is another, the Relocatable Military Hospital on 101, which since March of last year has been located in the Campo de Mayo military garrison and provides assistance to the Campo de Mayo Military Hospital ”, he concluded.

Since its deployment, it has been operating without interruptions with military health and civil health personnel to carry out its tasks.

The Relocatable Military Hospital 303 carries out the operation “Manuel Belgrano – Support for the COVID Emergency”. It is internationally recognized as a “Kangfei BLAT 30EX14V Mobile Health Center” with a fully modular design, composed of 13 self-propelled modules by trucks that were also part of the donation.


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