The Former US Ambassador To Ukraine Puts Donald Trump In Trouble

The former US ambassador to Ukraine has put Donald Trump in trouble with lawmakers who are carrying out the investigation of the political trial that can throw him out of the White House. In his appearance on Friday, Marie Yovanovitch revealed that the president of the United States personally pressed for months to be removed from the post. Yovanovitch related this decision with financial interests of Trump's lawyer, Rudolf Giuliani, in Ukraine.

Trump, who has been in the eye of the hurricane since it was learned that he had pressured the president of Ukraine to investigate his Democratic rival Joe Biden, insisted before the press that he must investigate his son for all the money he received from Ukraine. "He allegedly received a payment of three million dollars from Ukraine. Have I asked why? No, but I can't imagine anyone asking him," he told reporters.

The arrest of two Trump personal lawyer partners accused of channeling illegal donations to like-minded Republican candidates that were later used to investigate Biden opens a new chapter of unpredictable consequences. Both worked for the dark Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash, who fights against an extradition lawsuit brought by the US justice to try him for a bribe case.




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