The Full Body Routine With Which To Define Muscles Like Mario Casas

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That Mario Casas is the "transformer" of Spanish cinema, we already tell you. Your body has undergone major physical changes in recent years due to script requirements. From that young Casas in 'Los Hombres de Paco' where he wore a body almost undefined and typical of the 21 years he was, to the impressive muscles he exhibits in 'Instinct' have spent only a few years in which he has taken muscle, lost , fattened and thinned depending on the character he had to play in that movie or series.

While this summer he animated Instagram with a photograph in which he claimed the use of the turbo swimsuit as a summer uniform – and sporting a physique much more similar to what he has accustomed us when he is not shooting -, the arrival of autumn has not meant that the actor be prohibited from continuing to torso torso. With a simple "☕️Good morning☕️" as a title and adorned with necklaces and hat, in his latest publication of this same social network Mario Casas again boasts a much more defined body this time than on other occasions.


The key to Casas showing muscles that look like "Steel for boats !!!", as his sister says in the publication, is to eliminate body fat. To do this, and first of all, it is important to develop a meal plan that perfectly matches the exercise routine that we are going to perform to define the muscles. A visit to the nutritionist, who will prepare a proper diet based on our body type, age and sex, is the best option.

Once with clear food, let's move on to training. It is important that the routine is 'full body' so that the decompensated body is not left, that is why the personal trainer Sergio Peinado, the best paid Spanish fitness youtuber in our country, is a good option.

It consists of two blocks and you must do the 3 exercises of the first block first and then move on to the second block:


– Dominated

– Military press

– Dead weight


– Rowing

– Press bench / push-ups

– Squats

As Sergio comments, the exercises of the block can be done in a row: make a series of one, then another series of another and make another series of the third; or, separately making all the series of one – resting a minute between series and series -, and it happens to the following one. It is recommended to work between 6 and 12 repetitions and make a minimum of 2 laps to each circuit, although if more time is available you can reach up to 4, a total of 2 or 3 times a week on alternate days.