The Future Daughter-in-law Of Debra Messing Will Not Have Access To Her Exclusive Jewels

The fortune that Debra Messing has amassed over the past two decades with the series ‘Will & Grace’ and its replacements has been largely invested in the passion for jewelry that he inherited from his father, an executive in this industry.

In its exclusive collection, the watches stand out above all – it has more than seventy brands such as Cartier, Chopard or Jacob & Co. – but it also feels a weakness for vintage oddities such as the 18-carat diamond earrings from 1880 that it bought from the well-known expert in classical pieces Fred Leighton.

Anyone with a minimum interest in fashion or precious stones would love to have access to their jeweler and, given that the actress has only one male child, the most logical thing would be to think that one day she will go to stop at the hands of his daughter-in-law, but the girl in question will not have anything easy to access its content.


“If my son’s girlfriend ever thought of asking me if he can use any of my jewelry, I would say that no, really. I don’t care if it was to go to the prom, the answer would still be no, “he said in statements to the Page Six portal.

The only situation Debra would consider making an exception to that rule would be if it would be about his son’s fiancee and, in any case, he still has a long time before he finds himself in that situation in view of the fact that the young man is only 15 years old.

“If he were to marry her, the situation would change, but In any case, I would start by lending it something else and, when I had a ring on my finger and knew that it would be part of my family, then I would begin to consider gladly giving him a piece, “he concluded.