The Generation Of Formal Employment In September In Brazil Was The Largest In 6 Years

Rio de Janeiro, Oct. 17 (EFE) .- Brazil generated 157,213 new formal jobs in September this year, a number 14.5% higher than the same period of (137,336) and the highest for this month in the last six years, the government reported Thursday.

The positive balance was the result of the difference between 1,341,716 contracts formally registered in September and 1,148,503 layoffs, according to data released by the Ministry of Economy on formal jobs, which are those that have all the labor guarantees.

The generation of formal employment was not so high for a month of September since 2013, when the country created 211,068 new jobs, before the Brazilian economy suffered the historic recession of 2015 and 2016 that sank the GDP by almost 7 percentage points .


The number also contrasts with that of September 2015, when the layoffs exceeded hiring in 96,602 jobs.

The September result helped the number of new formal jobs generated in Brazil in the accumulated of the first nine months of the year to be 761,776, with a growth of 5.93% compared to the same period last year (719,089 jobs) .

The number of new jobs created between January and September of this year is the highest for the period since 2014, when the country generated 904,913 formal jobs.

The creation of jobs was driven by the services sector, which generated 64,533 jobs in September, followed by the transformation industry sector (42,179), commerce (26,918) and civil construction (18,331).

The generation of formal jobs in August of this year was also the largest for the month since 2013. Brazil, in addition, accumulated six consecutive months with hiring over layoffs.

The data was quickly celebrated by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who, in his Twitter account, highlighted the generation of the month as the largest for September in six years driven by services and industry. "We are improving Brazil," he said.

"We received the country with 14 million unemployed and we go, God willing, to end 2022 (when he ends his term) with less than 10 million unemployed," said the ultra-right-wing leader in a live broadcast on his Facebook account.

According to official data, the unemployment rate in the country fell to 11.8% of the economically active population in the quarter ended in July, its lowest level this year, although the lack of work still affects 12.6 million of people.

The unemployment rate has gradually dropped from 12.7% measured in the first quarter of the year to 11.8% in the quarter between May and July.

The gradual reduction of unemployment in recent months reflects the slow recovery of the Brazilian economy since the historic recession that Brazil suffered in 2015 and 2016.

The recovery began in 2017, when the economy grew by a slight 1.1%, and remained slowly in 2018, with the same percentage, while for this year both economists and the Government expect a growth of 0.8 %. EFE