The Government Denounces Tebas Before The Prosecutor’s Office For Its Management Of The Fuenlabrada Case

The Government has decided to bring the president of the Professional Football League, Javier Tebas, to ordinary justice for his management of the Fuenlabrada Case. The Higher Sports Council has decided to give the green light to the complaint filed with the State Attorney General’s Office after the sports authorities decided to dismiss the case, as executive sources have confirmed to this drafting. The complaint puts the accent on the decisions taken by Tebas to allow the celebration of the match between Deportivo de a Coruña and Fuenlabrada on July 20, during the last day of the second division and when the Madrid team had already confirmed the existence of a coronavirus outbreak in their ranks. The Tebas decision caused a scandal in the Galician city, with the Madrid club’s squad forced to confine themselves to the only five-star hotel in the city. During those days, various information such as that provided by showed that Tebas’s relationship with Fuenlabrada was supported by an economic interest. In 2018, the president of La Liga asked Fuelabrada to pay him 130,000 euros for advisory work. In addition, during those days it was learned that the son of the football leader is part of the Fuenlabrada Board of Directors with non-executive duties. The Higher Sports Council indicates in its writing these relations so that the Prosecutor’s Office investigates them if it considers it appropriate.

The key argument in the complaint presented by the Government is based on the assumption by Tebas of all responsibility for the trip from Fuenlabrada to A Coruña. The Madrid team, which accumulated a total of 28 positive cases, was playing in that match the possibility of opting for promotion to the first division and being part of the exclusive group of teams that opt ​​for the sweet loot of the millions that distribute the rights of the televised soccer. In the midst of that crisis, the Higher Sports Council, chaired by Irene Lozano, and La Liga undertook an escalation of tension that was made visible by the war between the two institutions. The tension was of such caliber that Tebas would end up ordering to break relations with the executive and prohibit the participation of the League in any of the acts that the CSD organizes at the international level. The order was communicated through an email, the content of which was revealed by this wording and in which the League boasted of having drawn up for the Government the anti-COVID protocol that would be applied in the matches of professional competitions.


The latest government move puts Thebes once again in the shadow of doubt. Justice will have to clarify the circumstances surrounding that sporting expedition and whether Thebes, in its efforts to allow it, was defending its economic interests over the right to health and the risks that the trip entailed. One of the key characters in the case is the Fuenlabrada doctor, Juan Manuel Blanco, who even declared before the sports court that he warned that Fuenlabrada should not have traveled after having confirmed the existence of coronavirus cases among his staff and coaching staff. The doctor himself was infected by COVID-19 and never traveled to A Coruña, so the players of the Madrid squad were treated at first by the Deportivo de a Coruña medical services. In a report contributed to the investigation undertaken by the sports instances, the doctor acknowledged the existence of cases of coronavirus that morning in July in which Tebas allowed the Fuenlabrada staff to take the plane to Galicia to dispute the momentous meeting. The match did not take place on schedule and had to wait until early August to play it. The Deportivo de A Coruña won by two goals to one.



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