The Government Does Not Sell 'green Cards' Or Social Security Cards: Having a False Document Means Deportation | Univision Immigration News

Presenting a false identification such as a green card or an employment authorization (EAD) is not only dangerous because you can face criminal charges. In most cases, but in all cases, the bearer of one of these documents faces a United States deportation process.

“If a person is caught using one of these documents, they will be prosecuted for the crime of fraud for using false documents to receive an immigration benefit, or a driver's license,” says José Guerrero, an immigration lawyer who practices in Miami, Florida. .

"You will receive the same punishment as the person who sold it," he adds. "That is why it is so delicate to get papers and get caught using them to get a benefit that is only available to foreigners who are legally in the country," he says.


Federal crime

The use of false papers, especially federal identifications, is a crime and as such can generate serious problems for the person who uses them in any type of management, lawyers warn.

Any person, business or company "can contact" the authorities if they receive false identity papers, "says Ezequiel Hernández, an immigration lawyer who practices in Phoenix, Arizona, and frequently collaborates with the writing of Univision News. "This type of (false) documents is a crime," he warns.

He also said that "carrying false documents is one of the most dangerous things in the world of immigration", and that in some states "it can become a felony" (crime or serious offense).

The Oklahoma prosecutor's office reported that two individuals pleaded guilty to selling online residences (green cards) and fake Social Security cards to people living undocumented in the United States.

Cristian Alvarado Morales, 30, pleaded guilty to at least seven charges, including conspiring to transfer identification documents, aggravated identity theft and illegal re-entry after being deported from the country in 2008, a felony punishable by imprisonment .

In turn, Anderson Garcés López, 29, pleaded guilty to conspiring to transfer false identity documents, including residences and Social Security cards, key documents that also allow managing a driver's license.

The prosecutor's investigation, in which ICE agents also participated, reveals that both individuals owned and sold more than 100 false identification documents. "They used identities of living and deceased people," the authorities said.

The Special Investigations Unit (HSI) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said its agents carry out such operations nationwide.

"We investigate people and organizations that try to make illegal profits by producing and distributing false documents," said Ryan L. Spradlin, special agent in charge of the DHS office in Dallas, Texas and whose jurisdiction includes Oklahoma.

Scammed for ignorance

Guerrero also warns that not all bearers of false documents "know they are false."

“In many cases immigrants have no idea that the papers they buy are part of a scam. They do not know the system. They surf the internet and believe that the residence card and the social security card are purchased. They come to realize the scam when they are caught, for example, in a raid, ”he explains.

"First of all, you have to inquire, do the homework," he recommends. "You have to do a little research and be sure that the person who put the ad on the internet is legally entitled to help you legally process a green card gave a Social Security card," he adds.

The second advice, says Guerrero, “is to know that the federal government does not sell residences or Social Security cards. Ambps documents are delivered once a series of requirements have been met that, in some cases, take months, even years. No undocumented person for paying a fee will receive these documents back in the mail. Unless you know it is a fraud, ”he says.

"The red lights are very important," he says. “They are indicative that something is not right. And if the person is caught using the document, they will be prosecuted for fraud to receive an immigration benefit or a driver's license. ”

Guerrero also said that “the bearers of false documents will have the same punishment as those who sold them. And they will also be put into deportation proceedings. They will lose all their rights of permanence in the United States. ”

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