The Government Is Expected To Approve The Use Of Remdesivir, a Medicine That Is Working Well Against Covid-19 | Univision News Shows

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the government promises to strive

to get the quickest



reporter: it looks like lightning

hope among so many bad

news related to the


a medication that could

help those hit by

the covid 19.

said the highest authority in the

theme has a positive effect

in decreasing the time of

recovery and the status of

patients in care


is an important thing,

we are noticing the study that

instead of fifteen days you can

leave in eleven days.

reporter: the results of

essays are published in

edic magazines after the

External expert review.

it never happened.

but fauci said that the

results were promising

that there is an ethical obligation of

immediately inform the group

placebo so they have access

to the medicine.

survived the virus and it

became a plasma donor.

for him the announcement is a great


gives me hope because there is

many people who are in

very serious situation with this


They are in the hospital, a lot

people who are about to

death, right?

looking for any news,

medication, any …

procedure that can


reporter: what the

doctor fauci who opens the door

to the fact that we have the

ability to treat the virus.

practical use is that if

there is enough remdesivir to

cases can already be used

this medicine for all

patients who need it.

who are the patients that are

more serious with this disease

to improve the diagnosis

dramatically and in a few days.

reporter: no medication

that has been approved by the

fda to treat coronavirus.

some think that this

be the first.