The Government Threatens You With Reprisals If You Carry Out The Tariff Increase And Summons The US Ambassador

Spain has "strongly" rejected the announcement of the Government of the United States to apply, as of October 18, tariff increases on European products and has threatened the United States with "immediate legal measures".

In addition, the Pedro Sánchez Executive has convened this Friday to the United States ambassador in Madrid to request explanations for this tariff increase.

"The European Union (EU) will be in a position to apply tariff increases to US products for repeated breaches of WTO rules," the Executive explains in a statement issued on Friday. The Government "reiterates the will to negotiate between the US and the EU to reach an agreement that avoids the imposition of harmful measures for both parties."


From the Executive, they also recall Trump's long list of movements against the interests of Europe and Spain: "The tariffs announced yesterday add to a list of measures taken by the US administration in the last year aga inst Spanish interests and Europeans, such as tariffs on steel and aluminum, the revival of the Helms-Burton Act in contravention of international law or the imposition of tariffs on Spanish black olives. "

The threat, in case the US Administration rejects the will to dialogue offered by Spain and the European Union, is clear: "The Spanish government will react immediately with firmness and clarity to defend the interests of our citizens and businesses. All legal measures at your fingertips will be activated, within the multilateral framework and in close coordination with the European Commission and our European partners.

In addition, as reported by the Government, the ICEX will strengthen the international promotion of the affected sectors, both in the United States market itself, as well as in fast-growing and high-potential alternative markets.

"It makes no sense that a conflict over the financing of civil aircraft construction leads to a commercial war extended to the agri-food sector that is not good for citizens, especially Europeans, and not for Americans, but is mostly unfair for our affected producers of olive, olive, wine, pig or citrus oil. The Government will intensify the response and support to agricultural and aircraft producers and exporters, "the statement concludes.



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