The Governments Of Donald Trump And Juan Guaidó Signed The "first Bilateral Agreement" Of The US And Venezuela In 65 Years

The US Government and representatives of the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by fifty countries, signed on Tuesday what they consider the "first bilateral agreement" in 65 years.

“This is the first bilateral agreement signed between the US and the Government of Venezuela in more than 65 years. It is a reflection of the vital and unique collaboration between our two countries, ”said the head of Cuba and Venezuela in the State Department, Carrie Filipetti.

The agreement, which will serve to give 116 million dollars to Venezuela, was signed at the headquarters of the American Agency for International Development (Usaid) by its director, Mark Green, and the Venezuelan Carlos Vecchio, the top representative of Guaidó in the US .


Through that agreement, Washington will financially help Venezuelan civil society organizations, independent media, associations dedicated to oversee elections and groups that offer health and food aid to Venezuelans, Green said.

Of the 116 million, 98 will go to groups that are within the country, although Green did not detail how the US will get that help.

“We have already said that all this support we will have will be distributed through international organizations and foundations because the dictatorship has destroyed and kidnapped the institutions in charge of the nation's treasury and comptroller. Our commitment is to guarantee the transparency of the use of public resources and through legitimate institutions such as the National Assembly we have already advanced in the process to appoint a special comptroller to ensure that transparency, something that the corrupt and criminal regime of Mature, ”Vecchio said.

The issue of humanitarian aid is one of the points of friction in the crisis in Venezuela, as the dictator Nicolás Maduro believes that US assistance is an attempt at "interference" and has refused to receive it.

Meanwhile, Guaidó states that the country is going through a humanitarian crisis and, therefore, on February 23, led a march of civilian volunteers who tried to introduce aid donated by the US into Venezuela, but failed to run into Maduro having closed the borders.

During the signing of the agreement, a video was shown in which Guaidó appeared sitting in an office with a map of Venezuela on his back.

“This,” he said, “is an agreement that means a lot. It is the officialization of the status of allies between the governments of the United States and Venezuela, of their legitimate parliaments and their president. ”

Guaidó, head of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament), of an opposition majority, declared himself interim president of Venezuela on January 23 when he considered illegitimate the re-election of Maduro in May 2018 in an election that does not recognize the opposition and part of The international community

The US was the first country in the world to recognize Guaidó as head of state of Venezuela and, since then, has led an international campaign to depose Maduro.

At the diplomatic level, the signing of the bilateral agreement implies the reaffirmation of the US recognition of Guaidó.



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