The governor of Texas sends two buses with a hundred migrants to the residence of Kamala Harris

The Governor Of Texas Sends Two Buses With a Hundred Migrants To The Residence Of Kamala Harris

Washington – Two buses with a hundred migrants chartered by the governor of Texas, Republican Greg Abbott, arrived this Thursday at the official residence of the vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris.

The Fox News television network specified that the buses picked up the migrants in Eagle Pass, Texas, and arrived in the vicinity of the Naval Observatory, where the vice president’s residence is located, in Washington DC.

According to Fox, the group of migrants includes people from Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico.


In the vicinity of Harris’s residence was Marisela Castillo Apitz, director of the NGO Humanitarian Action, which operates in Washington DC and serves migrants.

In statements, Castillo Apitz explained that they were waiting for the migrants near the train station in the US capital, Union Station, where buses chartered by Texas with undocumented immigrants have been arriving in recent months.

“Suddenly they told us that they were here, outside the vice president’s house, very strange. They said they felt cheated, those were their words, they felt part of a political show. In total there were 101 migrants, mostly Venezuelans,” she pointed out.

Castillo Apitz affirmed that the migrants were “confused and lost in these streets.”

“From Texas they were told that they were going to take them to a bus station, suddenly they were left on these streets and they realized that it was a lie, that they were part of a political show,” he said.

The activist indicated that her organization accompanies migrants to churches and temporary shelters.

“The problem is that most of them don’t have anyone here, so they are even more vulnerable, because they don’t know where to go. Now they must start their life from scratch, ”he lamented.

The arrival of these two buses in the United States capital coincides with the shipment of fifty migrants, mainly Venezuelans, to the exclusive island of Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts, after having been flown from Texas and Florida.

The migrants, among whom there are also some Colombians, arrived in two planes that landed unexpectedly at the Martha’s Vineyard airport, forcing those responsible for emergency management on this island in the northeastern United States to mobilize to give them health care, room and board, The Vineyard Gazette reported.

In a video sent to the Fox network, the Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, took credit for sending the migrants to the island, the Martha’s Vineyard Times reported.

In 2021, DeSantis promised to spend $8 million to send immigrants out of state and listed Martha’s Vineyard as a possible destination.

Last April, Abbott announced its intention to send undocumented immigrants to Washington DC, in response to the decision of the government of President Joe Biden to rescind a health regulation that allowed them to be expelled due to the pandemic, which was not implemented due to the blockade of the courts.

Later, in May, the governor of Arizona, also a Republican Doug Ducey, emulated the measure and began sending buses with migrants to the capital.

In early August, migrant buses began arriving in New York City and this month in Chicago.



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