The HBO Premieres And The Upcoming Series In November

The premieres of HBO and the upcoming series in November | Instagram

The premieres for the month of November of HBO, are about to reach private television with American film classics.

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The list of releases is long, so if we mention them all we would not finish. So here we leave you a brief list of what we consider, are the most relevant.

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It should also be noted that the platform was not just for watching ‘Game Of Thrones’. So watch out! These are some of the series we select:

And if you are a fan of classic movies and that at some point marked a trend, you will be interested in what is coming.

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Big Children – November 1

Big children November 2 – 1

The golden compass – November 1

Sex in New York: The movie – November 1

Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow – November 1

Black Hawk Demolished – November 8

The East – November 13

Sacry Movie – November 15

The Hateful Eight – November 15

Justice League – November 15

Lady Macbeth – November 22

Scary Movie 2 – November 22

Scary Movie 5 – November 22

Mess on Broadway – November 22

The good side of things – November 28

Spotlight – November 28

In a place without law – November 29

Pear pie with lavender – November 29

Lost River – November 29

Scary Movie 3 – November 29

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With these and other premieres, you will surely have a very entertaining and fun-filled month … Don't miss them!