The Head Of The Algerian Army And Strong Man Ahmed Gaid Salah Dies

Algiers, Dec 23 (EFE) .- The head of the Algerian Army, Ahmed Gaid Salah, considered the country's strongman, died Monday at age 79 after a heart attack, state television reported.

Gaid Salah died in the military hospital of Ain Naadja in Algiers, according to the same source, just a few after the presidential elections of December 12, in which former Prime Minister Abdlemajid Tebboun was elected.

For months the streets of Algiers were the scene of popular protests that led to the resignation of a new mandate from the historic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, forced by the street and the pressure of General Ahmed Gaid Salah.


The deceased today also sparked popular discontent despite having pushed the resignation of Bouteflika in application of article 102 of the Constitution that establishes the causes to fix the impediment of the president of the country.

The protest marches have been maintained in all regions of the country every Tuesday and every Friday, marked by two slogans: 'we want a civil state, not a military one' and 'Gaid Salah, go away, the people are sovereignty and claim freedom' .

The new president, Abdelmadjid Tebboun, announced a seven-day mourning period across the country following the death of the army chief. EFE