The Head Of The Soccer World Cup In Qatar, On Homosexuality: "Displays Of Affection Are Frowned Upon By Everyone"

Less than a year after the celebration of the men’s soccer World Cup in Qatar, the president of the organizing committee, Nasser Al Khater, has assured that “everyone is welcome”, after being asked about the Australian player Josh Cavallo, who announced in October who is homosexual and said this month in an interview with The Guardian feeling “scared” about going to the Gulf country.

Speaking to the CNNAl Khater has assured that they “welcome him” and that “no one” feels “threatened” or “unsafe” in Qatar. The president has said that Cavallo has that perception “after reading these accusations [de que Qatar no es seguro para el colectivo LGTBI] or reading these news that casts a negative light. ”Al Khater has described the country as“ tolerant ”,“ welcoming ”and“ hospitable ”.


Asked whether homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, Al Khater has limited himself to saying that “displays of affection in public are widely frowned upon.” The Qatari has said that Qatar is a “modest” country and has asked fans who go to the World Cup to “respect” that the country is “much more conservative.” “We respect different cultures and we hope that other cultures respect ours,” he added. It has recognized that same-sex marriage is illegal, “as in many other countries.”

“Them [personas homosexuales] They will come to Qatar as fans of a soccer tournament. They can do what any other human being would do. What I say is that Qatar, from the point of view of the public display of affection, is conservative, “he reiterated.

According to the organization in defense of LGTBI rights Stonewall

In Qatar, “sexual acts between persons of the same text are prohibited. The organization says that these acts are punishable by imprisonment from one to five years, according to articles 296 (3) and 285 of the Penal Code. It is also included in a report of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), which indicates that “certain sources” indicate that homosexuality is punishable by death sentences.

Concern about the rights of LGTBI people is a recurring theme in the world of soccer after the celebration of the Men’s Soccer World Cup in Russia three years ago. Or, more recently, the refusal in June by UEFA to illuminate the Munich stadium in rainbow colors for the Euro 2020 match between Germany and Hungary, following an anti-LGBTI law passed by Parliament. Hungarian.

Al Khater has also spoken out about allegations of the brutal conditions faced by hundreds of thousands of migrant workers tasked with preparing for the World Cup. Investigations into forced labor and debt bondage have caused outrage internationally.

According to an investigation by The GuardianMore than 6,500 migrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have died in Qatar since the Gulf country was named the organizer of the men’s soccer World Cup. Death records were not classified by occupation or place of work, but sources consulted by the British media said that it is likely that many workers were employed in infrastructure projects of the World Cup

The president of the organizing committee has reiterated that he rejects the veracity of this investigation. “I categorically deny the information of The Guardian“And he added:” This is something that must be absolutely clear. Absolutely clear. The number of fatalities in the World Cup stadiums that are related to work is three. There are just over 30 fatalities that are not related to work. ”



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