The House Of Representatives Approves The Project For The New Weapons Law

The project that creates the new Weapons Law is on its way to La Fortaleza after being approved in this afternoon's session of the House of Representatives.

The legislative piece, by Senator Nelson Cruz Santiago, was approved with 37 votes in favor, seven against and one abstained. The only members of the majority who voted against were President Carlos 'Johnny' Méndez and Lourdes Ramos. He also abstained from Víctor Torres.

The popular Brenda López, Luis Vega Ramos, Luis Raúl Torres, the independent Manuel Natal and the independentist Denis Márquez also voted against the measure.


Meanwhile, José 'Conny' Varela, José 'Quiquito' Meléndez, Maricarmen Mas and Nelson Del Valle, did not vote

The project seeks to reduce the costs of arms licensing procedures, eliminates the process of the judicial hearing and reduces the time for the Police to evaluate applications from 120 days to 45. As of January 1, 2021, that term is reduce further to 30 days

"I am going to vote again against the Weapons Law. I don't care about the amendments. I know it is looking to improve, but I am against everything that has to do with the Weapons Law," Méndez said in a separate section. with journalists before the vote.

"I am one of those who thinks that those who have to have weapons are law and order agencies," he said.

The project consolidates the current target shooting and porting licenses into a single license.

The approval of the measure came after an intense negotiation with La Fortaleza, which managed to maintain the penalties of the current Weapons Law in the project, which does not include bonuses and diversion programs for a large number of infractions.