The Ideal Way To Give Your Cat Medicine


As is well known, cats often refuse to take their medications, unlike dogs, who generally take their medications mixed with food without much difficulty. We share some tips to give your cat medicine in the easiest way and comply with the treatment recommended by the veterinarian.

Crush the pills and mix them with food


Pets with a sweet tooth don’t like to go hungry. Crush or grind the medicine into a powder and mix it with your cat’s favorite food. This option works well with some felines.

Lozenge applicator

If you fear hurting your cat or it is difficult for you to insert the pills directly into the pussy’s mouth, some pet stores sell special applicators for this use and they are very useful.

Have everything ready in advance

Prepare everything you need so that the process is fast and that your pet does not feel nervous when administering any medication. Before giving him a medicine, we recommend you play with your feline for a while and pamper him to relax.

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Stay calm and act naturally. If the cat senses that you are nervous, it may try to run away as soon as possible.

Pamper him to make him feel comfortable.

Ideally, this procedure would be d one between two people so that one person holds the pet while the other administers the medicine. If you don’t have someone to help you, sit on the floor and hold your pet between your legs.

Place one of your hands behind the cat’s head so that you can hold the corners of its mouth.

Gently try to put his head at a 45 degree angle. This will open your mouth naturally.

If you are using the applicator, quickly insert it into your pet’s mouth as close to the throat as possible and press to release the medication.

You can blow on the cat’s face, as this triggers its swallowing reflex.

To make sure your cat has swallowed the medicine, see if it licks its snout. That means you have completely consumed it.

Give him a toy or give him a treat, snack or special food, as well as a lot of affection so that he associates taking medicine with something pleasant and is calmer in the following administrations.

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