The 'impeachment' Begins To Take Its Toll On Donald Trump

WASHINGTON. The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has received criticism for the action that has led him to be politically accused by Congress where he was least expected, his evangelical base, by the hand of Christianity Today magazine, the main publication of This creed in the country, which has advocated that the president be subjected to a dismissal process, which yesterday aroused his anger. The editor in chief of the magazine, Mark Galli, disapproved Friday in an interview with the public radio network NPR Trump's attitude and said that the head of state has shown in relation to Ukraine "a shameful moral behavior in general." "When a person has such serious, lasting and habitual moral habits as that, it is not something that only has to be condemned, but also suggests a kind of psychological and moral confusion," said Galli, author of the hard editorial of the magazine that published Thursday, titled Trump should be expelled from office, which has caused controversy in the country and even the president's anger.

That text recalls that "the US president tried to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president's political opponents. That is not just a violation of the Constitution; it is more important, it's deeply immoral. "

The editorial referred to Trump's pressures on his Ukrainian counterpart, Vladimir Zelenski, to investigate his political rival, former US vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter for alleged corruption in Ukraine, which has prompted the president to be politically charged by the US House of Representatives, which will be subject to a recall process in the Senate.


The Christianity Today article delves into the idea of ​​"immorality" promoted in the Administration by Trump, who, he emphasizes, has recognized "immoral actions in business and relations with women, of which he is proud." "Only his Twitter channel, with its usual chain of erroneous descriptions, lies and defamation, is a clear example of a human being who is morally lost and confused," he says.

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Precisely, Trump used his account on that social network to lash out Friday against Christianity Today, which he called "radical left magazine, or 'very progressive'", which, in his opinion, "knows nothing about (how) read a perfect transcript of a phone call. " The president referred to the telephone conversation he had in July with Zelenski, which led to the complaint of an informant to the intelligence services and which later resulted in the process launched by the Democrats to open a political trial against him. Also, "I suppose Christianity Today magazine is looking for Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or those of socialist / communist inclination to protect their religion. And Joe (Biden) the sleepy? The fact is that no President has done more than Me for the Evangelicals, or religion! "Trump said mentioning Democratic candidates for the 2020 elections.

White evangelical Christians are one of the most loyal voter blocks to Trump, although support for his figure displaced many observers of the presidential race in 2016, when this conservative community decisively backed a two-time divorced candidate, protagonist of Adultery scandals and that a few years ago defended the right to abortion.

That Trump achievement was due, in part, to his selection as vice president of Mike Pence, who is described as a "reborn evangelical Catholic" and who has permeated the White House with a deep social conservatism; as well as another influential member of this confession, Mike Pompeo, as secretary of state. This controversy comes two days after the lower house, controlled by the Democrats, voted in favor of an impeachment, as the political trial is known in English, Trump in the Senate, a Republican majority, for pressures on Ukraine.

The president of the lower house, Nancy Pelosi, has not yet formally handed over to the Senate the political charges approved by her hemicycle against Trump, despite the fact that the Republicans wanted to receive them as soon as possible to speed up the process, so it is certain that the hearing of the impeachment occurs in 2020, as Congress begins a recess today for the Christmas holidays.



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