The ‘impeachment’ Of Donald Trump

Democrats insist on prosecuting the president and Republicans to prevent this from happening. From the point of view of law, Republicans are right, but, as Brazilians often say: "they are right, but little, and the little they have is useless." Trump will be prosecuted.

It is a dialogue between the deaf. Republicans, rightly, remind Democrats that the economy and the stock market are doing very well, that unemployment has not been lower in recent decades, including blacks and Hispanics, and that this is due to tax reform , to threats of tariff warfare and the intelligent renegotiation of Free Trade agreements.

The Democrats, also rightly, respond that it is not about that. The economy was on an upward line since the days of Obama


The Democrats, also rightly, respond that it is not about that. The economy came in an upward line since the days of Obama. Apart from obstructing justice and using excessive power (the two causes, totally subjective, of impeachment), the United States has alienated the good will of the "free world", offending Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France , to Germany, to immigrants, to NATO and to the European Union, the latter supporting Brexit of the British.

The Republicans, rightly, complain that the Democrats have never accepted Trump's triumph and try to revoke his term from the first day of his presidency, but the Democrats, also rightly, claim that the Republican persecution of Clinton for a mess of skirts, it was not very different. The anecdote would be different, but the electoral reason was the same.

In addition to having lost nearly three million votes less than the Democrats in the 2016 elections, Trump's gestures, his offensive tweets, and his bully or bully behavior is not presidential. It cannot be who prized, during the campaign, "to be able to kill a man on Fifth Avenue and that did not detract from popular support," or to suddenly grab a woman by the crotch without consequences.

But it was true. The most solvent measurements prove it: approximately 43% of American society supports it in any circumstance. At the same time, 52%, more or less, the adversary does what he does. It is an absolutely polarizing figure. Those figures do not mean that Trump will lose the election. It will depend on the democratic adversary who manages to win the primaries, those who go out to vote and the effectiveness of the campaign that they carry out.

The only thing that is given as insurance is that the Senate will acquit it. Not only do Republicans have a simple majority in the Upper House, but to condemn it, Democrats would need two thirds of senators and that is virtually impossible to achieve. Fulfilling the worst nightmares of the "founding fathers" will not be a vote according to law, but to partisan lines, as Alexander Hamilton feared in text 65 of The Federalist.

In the same way that his supporters support him in any circumstance, his opponents detest him in all scenarios

Won't Trump's absolution hurt the Democrats? I don `t believe. In the same way that his supporters support him in any circumstance, his opponents detest him in all scenarios. And if that is so, why do Democrats risk a judicial process that they cannot win? Simple: because they try to cultivate the vote of the independents. According to a recent Gallup survey, the majority party in the country is independent: 38%. Democrats only reach 31% and Republicans 29%.

Throughout 2020 the Democrats will use the impeachment process to slay Trump with various accusations, and among them, the demand for not showing their tax returns, the mismanagement of relations with North Korea, and the abandonment of the header of the "free world." It is true that what will be at stake are the elections next November, but politicians have very creative ways to bury their true intentions under a torrent of patriotic words. They will use them all.


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