The Incredible Response Eva Mendes Gives When Asked Her Age

Ryan Gosling’s wife seeks to remove prejudices about age and explains how he has done to evade ill-intentioned comments about it.

Recently actress Eva Mendes He spoke again about the comments he has been receiving lately on social networks, not precisely to the most flattering but rather to those who have reminded him that he is “getting older”, to reflect on the stigma that he continues to carry, especially for women, something as natural and irremediable as aging derived from the passage of time.


“What worries me most about all this is that, and I really think that whoever left me that message was not trying to be offensive, it is in fact that there is no malice or personal disgust in those expressions. It seems more dangerous for us to continue assimilating as something bad, shameful or scary, for women to grow up. I think that idea of ​​girls should not be asked how old they are, “he told the magazine People.

So much so, that the movie star and wife of the interpreter also Ryan Gosling, with whom he has the little Emerald (5) and Amanda (3), he will respond with total normality and even “pride” to anyone who dares to ask him directly how old he is, since he does not intend to tolerate the age of women being considered a throwing weapon.

“If you ask me my age, I will answer without any problem, and that still seems incredible to me. I am 46 years old, I have not yet assimilated that time passes so fast and gives me a bit of vertigo, but I am proud of everything I have lived and of the vital moment in which I am, “he added in the same conversation to, just then, refer to the positive implications of his age in Spanish rather than in English.

“I tell myself that I have 46 years of experience, because it sounds prettier in Spanish [en el idioma de Shakespeare la edad no se ‘posee’ sino que se es]. The difference may be more formal than semantic, but I prefer to say that I have those years, full of experiences and wisdom, to say that I am of a certain age, “explained the American.