The Japanese Method To Lose Weight With Just 10 Minutes Of Exercise And a Tennis Ball

The Japanese Method To Lose Weight With Just 10 Minutes Of Exercise And a Tennis Ball

We all suffer from bodily discomfort and maladjustment as a result of our daily activities. I wish we could keep our bodies as they were when we were young, but due to our gait, weight bearing, unhealthy habits, or maintaining the same posture for hours at work, our bodies become tense and stiff. Everything takes its toll!

If you also need to activate the body and want to improve your health, if you suffer muscle aches, swelling or want to have a more stylized figure, perhaps this is the book you were looking for.

After almost forty years of experience in the world of fitness, and having helped more than 600,000 people, Kaoru, a famous Japanese trainer with thirty-seven years of experience in the world of fitness, comes to our country with a revolutionary method in which With just ten minutes of exercise a day, you can get in shape and say goodbye to muscle aches.


From home and only with a tennis ball

‘Slim down with Kaoru’ presents a method based on the science of myofascial release with which your body will adopt a proper posture, you will end up losing excess fat and you will feel more agile. You can do the exercises in the morning or at night, in your office, on the plane, on the train or in your bedroom, as they are perfect to practice indoors.

Benefits of the tennis ball routine

With this routine, you will use the tennis ball to loosen your muscles and gain elasticity through simple exercises. The fasciae are the membranes that surround the muscles, and when they become tight, they become inflamed, make movement difficult and cause pain. With the different exercises that you will find in the book, you will work different parts of the body to regain optimal physical condition.

Practical examples

Relaxation of the soles of the feet. By relaxing the muscles of the sole of the foot, you will readjust the plantar arch and pelvis, and you will slim the waist.

Roll the ball as straight as possible, applying pressure from the heel to the toes. Bend the knee of the leg with which you step on the ball. Make sure your fingers are straight. Put one leg behind. Apply pressure vertically by dropping the weight on the ball.

At first, you may feel discomfort. Try to stay in this position as long as possible. Put your hands in a comfortable position. You can carry them to the sides of the body, with the fingers resting on the ground, to gain stability. Keep your posture as upright as possible so that you feel your ischium, the bone in the lower part of your pelvis, come to an upright position. Try not to sit on the Achilles tendon to avoid discomfort. While in this position, keep your feet straight.

Where To Get The Book

As of September 2021 the book can only be bought in spanish.  Please stay tuned as the publisher Kitsune Books is still coming up with the english version.  Please see below the book for sale on Amazon and check back this article as to when it becomes available in english.



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