The Joker Challenge, The Dance That Drives Social Networks Crazy (VIDEO)

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October 21 2019, 2:34 pm

The character of "The Joker", the film by Todd Phillips in which Joaquin Phoenix plays Batman's nemesis and sounds like a strong Oscar candidate, continues to lead the box office in several parts of the world after setting a record for a release in October in the United States, with 93.5 million dollars raised in its first weekend.


But the success is not limited on the big screen, now in the networks they are also red hot with the tape and the character, especially since the emergence of the #JokerChallenge viral challenge, reported Diariodecuyo.

Several users in different parts of the planet began to share with that hashtag their videos imitating the Phoenix dance when it is put on the skin of the Joker, to the rhythm to the rhythm of the song Rock and Roll part II by Gary Glitter.

Through social networks, the #JokerChallenge. This challenge is to duplicate a scene from the movie the Joker, in which the protagonist goes down the stairs turned into a great villain, to the rhythm of the song Rock and Roll part II of Gary Glitter.

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This already got out of control #jokerchallenge ?????

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