The Joker: Scene Of The Film Generates a Rage Among Boca Juniors Fans

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Mexico City / 09.10.2019 21:33:53

The movie "The Joker" caused an unusual stir in Argentina after a drum very similar to those usually used by the Boca Juniors bar.


However, it is unknown if there is any link between Arthur Fleck, name of the Joker on the tape, and Argentine football.

In the new Joaquin Phoenix movie "The Joker" "Joker" this drummer is seen with the colors of #Mouth Could it be that of the fan?

– Jocelyn Domínguez (@JocelynDomin) October 7, 2019

In such a way that the blue and yellow hype that is observed in this scene, could be a coincidence.

It should be remembered that in the movie "It: Chapter 2" there is a reference to Argentine football, because Stephen King, writer of the novel that gave rise to the film, appears in the film, taking mate in a container with the shield of the Independiente de Avellaneda , another of the most loved squads of Argentine football.

-Did you like the Joker?
-Yes! What I did not understand is if I knew that Internal Affairs set him up for playing the hype of La 12.

– Lucas Kuperman (@LucasKuperman) October 7, 2019

This is due to the fact that the director of the film of the second part of "It" is the Argentine Andrés Muschietti, who is a fan of the so-called King of Cups and wanted to pay tribute to the fans of that club.