The Jordanian Prosecutor’s Office Imposes Summary Secrecy In The Case Of The Prince Accused Of Acting Against The Crown

The Jordanian judicial authorities have imposed on Tuesday the secrecy of summary in the case of Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, former heir to the crown, and others accused of a conspiracy to destabilize the kingdom. The objective is “to preserve the discretion of the investigations,” as reported by the official Petra news agency.

The Attorney General of Amman, Hasan al Abdallat, has told Petra that “the secrecy of summary will be in force until a different decision is made” in order to facilitate the investigations of “the security authorities” of the Arab country. .


The prosecutor has clarified that the decision includes the audiovisual media, social networks and the publication of any photo or video related to the case and under criminal responsibility.

Prince Hamzah, half-brother of King Abdullah II and former heir to the throne of Jordan, has issued two videos in recent days in which he has criticized the system of government in his country and has denounced that the military asked him to stay at his home and not communicate or use social networks.

However, late on Monday, the critical prince promised allegiance to the monarch in a message published by the Hashemite Royal Court, which also reported that the king, determined to resolve this matter “within the family,” had commissioned his uncle Prince Hasan bin Talal mediate with Hamzah.

“I place myself in the hands of the king, confirming that I will maintain the commitment of my parents and grandparents, faithful to their legacy, and I will follow in their footsteps, faithful to their trajectory, to their message and to the king, abiding by the Constitution of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” says the message, signed by Hamzah himself and published on the website of the Royal House.

In addition to Hamzah, the scandal has affected a former adviser to the king and a member of the royal family who were arrested last Saturday, along with between 14 and 16 people, according to the Jordanian government.

Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan traveled to Amman on Tuesday to personally deliver a message from King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia to King Abdullah II of Jordan, after the crisis that broke out within the royal family for the criticism of Prince Hamzah bin Hussein.

Bin Farhan has met with his Jordanian counterpart, Ayman Safadi, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, and has delivered a message from King Salman in which he offers his “full support to King Abdullah II in all the steps he takes to protect Jordan and their interests, “according to a statement from Foreign Affairs.

The Saudi emissary also stressed in his meeting that “the security and stability of the two sister kingdoms are inseparable, and that (both countries) face all challenges together.”



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