The Judge Separated From Punic And Questioned For His Links With High Officials Of The PP, Placed At The Head Of Transparency In The Government Of Murcia

Judge Julián Pérez-Templado (Murcia, 1948) leaves the judiciary but not politics. A few weeks after hanging up the robe, the already ex-magistrate assumes the position of president of the Transparency Council of the Region of Murcia. The impartiality of Templado was questioned on two occasions: once for keeping an accusation against former Murcian president Pedro Antonio Sánchez in a drawer, and another for going out of business with senior PP officials while leading, once again, an open case against him. former chief executive. Both challenges fell on deaf ears. In addition, he had to withdraw from the investigations into the Punic plot – led by Francisco Granados – when his close relationship with one of the accused was revealed in a photograph.

His candidacy was proposed by the parliamentary group of Citizens in the Regional Assembly, and seconded by the Popular Party -with whom he forms the government- and Vox -including the support of those expelled from the party-. Both PSOE and Podemos voted in favor of the candidate postulated by the Socialists, the ethics professor at the University of Murcia, Emilio Martínez.


The former president of Transparency, José Molina, left the post slamming the door and between accusations against the Murcian Executive of ‘torpedoing’ his work during the last five years. In his farewell press conference, Molina criticized the “bad legal excuses” for the strategic plan he designed, the intention of “laminating” his independence and having provided him with two public employees with the mission of “hindering” his work from within. of the entity. In addition, he assured that “so much tension” accumulated with the autonomic officials of the last legislature caused him a stroke.

Sources from the Murcian Popular Party assure that Pérez-Templado has a “flawless” curriculum and professional career and regret that the PSOE “was unmarked at the last moment of the agreement that it had closed with PP and Citizens to support it as well.” The popular ones assure that the former magistrate’s professional qualification “will contribute to revalue the Transparency Council and grant it the independence and objectivity that should guide its activity.” Regarding the challenges and criticisms of the former president of the Transparency Council, the Popular Party refuses to make any valuation.

“Historically, those who have led transparency have been elected by the opposition. It is the natural thing, since this organ supervises the action of the Government ”they indicate from the PSOE, that they deny any support to Pérez-Templado. Socialists criticize that the candidate has been presented by someone from the government, a fact that José Molina described as a “democratic aberration.” “It is not logical to put the wolf to take care of the sheep,” they sentence from the PSOE.

“It was democratically elected by the deputies in the Regional Assembly,” said Isabel Franco, vice president of the Region of Murcia, in an interview with this medium. The deputy for Ciudadanos maintained that there is no conviction against Pérez-Templado. “His track record is impeccable: up to this moment he does not have any sentence that casts doubt on his exercise as the judiciary.”

Pérez-Templado saw his impartiality to judge the former president of Murcia Pedro Antonio Sánchez disputed on two occasions. The first was in 2014, when the Prosecutor’s Office wanted to know if the previous head of the Murcian Executive had been given part of a house that he had acquired in Puerto Lumbreras, a town of which he was mayor. The former judge decided, at first, to postpone the matter indefinitely. He had to intercede the Superior Court of Justice of Murcia to urge him to continue with the investigations, against the judgment of the magistrate himself. The challenge came from the lawyer who represented the PSOE as the prosecution, who pointed to Pérez-Templado’s wife, since at that time she was working under the orders of the politician who was investigating her husband. At that time, the former Murcian president was a counselor of Education and his partner provided technical advisory work in that counseling. The challenge was unsuccessful for lack of arguments and the case ended up being shelved.

The second time that his impartiality was questioned was in March 2017. Once again Pérez-Templado met Pedro Antonio Sánchez accused, this time in the Auditorio case. A photograph revealed how the former judge drank some beer in the center of Murcia with the politician Cosme Ruiz, who had been incorporated into the board of directors of the PP of Murcia, chaired by Sánchez. The image was taken just one day after the judicial declaration of the former Murcian president. The new challenge was also archived, according to the magistrate in charge, because the arguments presented were “artificial, unfounded and lacking in rigor.”

A new stolen perch put Pérez-Templado on the ropes shortly after avoiding the second challenge. In a photograph published by Infolibre, the former magistrate was speaking with Juan Carlos Ruiz, one of the main defendants in the Murcian piece of the Punic plot, in which the former magistrate had been appointed as speaker. A few days later, Templado was forced to request to be removed from the case, which this time was also investigating former President Pedro Antonio Sánchez. The former judge’s partner has a family relationship with Ruiz, who resigned as Minister of Tourism of the Government of the Region of Murcia at the time of his indictment.



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